Other Calls

Other Calls

A quick reminder … all of my calls are available in different exotic wood species. Just drop me a line with your order to have your call customized.

Crow Blaster

crow blasterThis is my hand-tuned locator call. Instead of calling to a turkey directly, this call allows you to locate him without his realizing that you’re “in the game”. If he’s a hot bird, he’ll start right at you, so this call allows you to get set up before he comes in and “busts” you. Price: $ 90.00

Super Duck

wood_duckThis hand-turned Wood Duck call is usually made of Cocobolo, unless you specify something else. The Cocobolo will handle getting wet better than other other wood species. It’s not a submarine, but it’ll withstand being pretty wet. It’s sealed inside and out. It’s also hand signed, dated and numbered. Price: $ 90.00

Hand-Turned Striker

hand-turned strikerThis one-piece hand-turned striker is made from Honduran Rosewood. It’s finished with a clear-coat finish. These strikers are also available in Purpleheart, Cocobolo, Osage Orange and other fine woods. Price: $ 65.00

Diaphragm Mouth Calls

Every turkey hunter using a mouth call uses different air pressure when blowing a call. I’ve designed these calls to cover the whole range of hunters. The olive colored one is the stiffest resistance, for hunters who use a high volume of air The green call is the lightest resistance, and is usually used in low volume situations. The other three calls fall in the middle of the two extremes.diaphragm mouth calls

Yellow Diaphragm

yellow_diaphragmThe yellow diaphragm call is the Gobbler Getter. It is three-and-a-half reed (V)cut of .003 latex thick.

Price: $ 15.00

Olive Diaphragm

olive_diaphragmThe olive colored call is called the Scorpion. It’s a three-reed (V)cut of .004 latex.

Price: $ 15.00

Red Diaphragm

red_diaphragmThe Red call is the Gobbler’s Obsession. It is three-and-a-half (V)cut of .003 and .004 latex.

Price: $ 15.00

Maroon Diaphragm

maroon_diaphragmThe maroon diaphragm call is the Feather Buster. It is a three-reed (V)cut prophylactic and latex material.

Price: $ 15.00

Green Diaphragm

green_diaphragmThe green call is the Sudden Death call. It is three-and-a-half (V)cut made of prophylactic material.

Price: $ 15.00

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