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have been making turkey calls since 1994 and I continually strive to build the very best call. I know that any person who buys one of my calls feels that they have just found the best sounding and finest looking turkey call they have ever heard or seen. I consider every one of my calls a work of art!

As for their effectiveness, all models have been turkey tested from Florida to Montana and are deadly in any part of the country. They have never failed to be as effective as the hunter who is carrying them. These calls are for the discerning collector as well as the hardcore hunter. Any call can be custom-crafted from a variety of specialty hardwoods I have on hand in limited quantities. Please e-mail me for a list of current woods I have available.

spurOK, let's be clear about one other thing...this isn't Wal-Mart and I don't have an inventory of a thousand turkey calls on some shelf waiting for your order. Instead, I hand craft every one and individually sign, date and number them. I am a factory of one-man, but this way, I can have supreme confidence in my Supreme Turkey Calls! Please be aware if you order a call today, it will be between six and twelve months before I can craft your call.


Media Attention/ Press Clippings

Below is a selection of articles that have appeared about me and my turkey calls.

The following article appeared "Outdoor Life" in April, 2005.

Turkey Call Supreme

A Georgia maker of slate and box calls has become the Michelangelo of his craft.

Steve Reeves of Supreme Turkey CallsAs you walk into the small workshop of Steve Reeves, maker of Supreme Turkey Calls in Macon, Ga., the first thing that hits you is the thick aroma of exotic woods. On the far wall at the ready is the scent's source, piles of babunga, osage, cocobolo and Bolivian rosewood. Located around the workshop are tools that turn these blanks into some of the best looking and sounding turkey calls made.

Reeves started producing slate and box turkey calls over a decade ago. “I wasn't happy with what you could buy”, he says. “Once I got them to sound good, I thought I might as well make ‘em look good”.

Although he had a strong woodworking background, Reeves initial efforts making calls involved a lot of trial and error. “If I wasn’t happy with it. The call would end up in the fire pile. The first couple of years, there was a heap of wood wasted and burned” he says with a a chuckle.

Along with the exotics, Reeves likes to use local woods that he harvests himself¯drying the blanks for several years before turning them into calling masterpieces. “I have some wood staked up that came from the columns of a Civil War home” Reeves adds. “Imagine the history in that”.

Until recently, Reeves calls were a Southern secret, sold by word of mouth. Now several sporting goods stores are carrying them. Like Chesapeake waterfowl decoys, these calls seem certain to appreciate in value.

The following "Outdoor Life" article, by Bob McNally, appeared in September, 2007.

Puddlers With a Wood Duck Call

A top flight hunter uses his own calls to fool these beautiful birds.

Wood duck lowres

"Wood ducks are real vocal when sitting on the water. Like mallards, they have a lot of different lingo that's not hard for novice callers to master" says Steve Reeves of Macon, Georgia.

Reeves is a top wood-duck hunter. Living in wood duck central, and being a world-class custom call maker, he uses his creations to fool these beautiful ducks. "Here in Georgia, when I hunt puddle ducks, the only call I use is a wood duck call. Woodies are our local ducks, and the migrators know that. When they hear the loud weeeeeet, weeeet call, none of them second-guess it. They don't circle-they just come with their feet down. Puddlers know the wood ducks are the homeboys."

"My favorite hunt is to find the woodies' flight path and to sit near the water and make ripples on the surface as I give a loud greeter call on my wood duck call. In fact, the wood duck calls are so effective I don't let anyone in the blind blow a mallard call. The puddlers will come when they hear the squeal".

Click here for a higher resolution copy of the article.

The following article, by Ruben Perez, appeared in "Outdoor Life" in March, 2008.

Tackling Early-Season Toms

Often flocked up and never alone, early-season toms can be among the hardest to tag. That is, unless you know how to hunt them.

Outdoor Life mastheadIf you don't want to be humbled by a bird sporting a brain the size of a nut, don't hunt pressured turkeys-especially in the Low Country of South Carolina, and particularly during the early part of the season (mid-March), when turkeys are often still roaming in large, mixed flocks. Fortunately, if you travel down there to join one of the locals for a hunt and are open to learning their ways, you'll find yourself better prepared to deal with any early-season tom.

It was in such a situation that I found myself while hunting near Ehrhardt, South Carolina, at Bang's Paradise Valley Hunt Club. The property consists of 8,500 acres of prime turkey country, featuring food plots and chufa fields among the mix of pine stands and hardwood creek bottoms. I was on a morning hunt with guide John Coit, fellow hunter Raymond Archer and noted call maker Steve Reeves of Macon, Georgia. We had slipped in on a gang of roosted toms in the fading darkness, and upon daybreak, the five longbeards pitched down and approached our calls. But an interceding hen began to march in from our left and interrupted our plans.

Hunting at this time of year in the Low Country can be tough, since many of the turkeys are still flocked together, making for a lot of eyes ready to catch any sign of danger. Because gobblers are usually with other toms and hens, there is also less likelihood they will march off on their own to the mere sounds of a call. But Reeves put on an amazing show.

Ignoring the old adage about calling conservatively, Reeves laid it on. "You need to sound natural, and that's making turkey sounds like turkeys do all day, every day" says Reeves. "The notion that you just make three yelps and stop, wait ten minutes and then three times again doesn't cut it It's not natural."

Turkey Calls

A quick reminder...all of my calls are available in different exotic wood species. Just drop me a line with your order to have your call customized. Also, please be aware that these calls will generally take twelve to eighteen months to arrive at your door. Each one is individually custom crafted, and I always have a backlog. Thanks for your understanding.

Strut Buster

strut busterThis is a Purpleheart body with a crystal playing surface with slate on the back. This call is high pitched and raspy. It is also one of my top selling calls year after year! I have been making this unique body style since 1998. Each call comes with two strikers.

Price: $ 125.00

Call Girl

call girlThe Call Girl will tell him whatever he wants to hear! This is a crystal call with a wood soundboard and aluminum on the bottom. Each playing surface has its own sound chamber and plays very well on both sides. This call is high pitched and raspy and is available in a variety of different woods. Each call comes with two strikers.

Price: $ 145.00

Double Suicide

Double SuicideThis call has a Bolivian rosewood body with a glass playing surface and slate on the back. Another top seller, the Double Suicide has a slightly lower pitch and is a bit more raspy than the Strut Buster. I have been making this body style since 1998. This is a unique body style of my design. Each call comes with two strikers.

Price: $120.00

Pure Death

pure deathThis is a Cocobolo body with a crystal playing surface and a soundboard underneath. The sound board has been laser engraved with original art of a Rio Grande turkey. It has slate on the back and both sound chambers are separate. I introduced this call in 2003 and it has a very realistic turkey sound. Each call includes two strikers.

Price: $ 145.00

Pure Death Pinnacle

pure death pinnacleThis is a Pure Death body made from a solid surface material called Pinnacle. It is similar to Corian countertop material. It's as hard as a rock, has a crystal playing surface on top and the soundboard has been laser engraved with original art of a Rio Grande turkey. It has slate on the back and both sound chambers are separate. Each call includes two strikers

Price: $ 160.00


sirenThe Siren is a Pinnacle body with a crystal playing surface and slate on the back. This call is also waterproof. The Siren is slightly higher pitched than the Strut Buster, rolling over into a raspy sound. Each call comes with two strikers.

Price: $ 145.00

Talking Dirty

talking dirtyThis individually tuned call has a Pinnacle body style. It has an aluminum playing surface on top and slate on the bottom. This is a call that few turkeys can resist. Each call comes with two strikers.

Price: $ 125.00

Other Calls

A quick reminder ... all of my calls are available in different exotic wood species. Just drop me a line with your order to have your call customized.

Crow Blaster

crow blaster

his is my hand-tuned locator call. Instead of calling to a turkey directly, this call allows you to locate him without his realizing that you're "in the game". If he's a hot bird, he'll start right at you, so this call allows you to get set up before he comes in and "busts" you.

Price: $60.00

Super Duck


his hand-turned Wood Duck call is usually made of Cocobolo, unless you specify something else. The Cocobolo will handle getting wet better than other other wood species. It's not a submarine, but it'll withstand being pretty wet. It's sealed inside and out. It's also hand signed, dated and numbered.

Price: $60.00

Hand-Turned Striker

hand-turned striker

his one-piece hand-turned striker is made from Honduran Rosewood. It's finished with a clear-coat finish. These strikers are also available in Purpleheart, Cocobolo, Osage Orange and other fine woods.

Price: $45.00

Diaphragm Mouth Calls

very turkey hunter using a mouth call uses different air pressure when blowing a call. I've designed these calls to cover the whole range of hunters.

The olive colored one is the stiffest resistance, for hunters who use a high volume of air

The green call is the lightest resistance, and is usually used in low volume situations.

The other three calls fall in the middle of the two extremes.

diaphragm mouth calls

Yellow Diaphragm


he yellow diaphragm call is the Gobbler Getter. It is three-and-a-half reed (V)cut of .003 latex thick.

Price: $9.50

Olive Diaphragm


he olive colored call is called the Scorpion. It's a three-reed (V)cut of .004 latex.

Price: $9.50

Red Diaphragm


he Red call is the Gobbler's Obsession. It is three-and-a-half (V)cut of .003 and .004 latex.

Price: $9.50

Maroon Diaphragm


he maroon diaphragm call is the Feather Buster. It is a three-reed (V)cut prophylactic and latex material.

Price: $9.50

Green Diaphragm


he green call is the Sudden Death call. It is three-and-a-half (V)cut made of prophylactic material.

Price: $ 8.50


y 'go to' call when I have to really reach out to get a bird in from a distance. There are lots of good calls out there, but Steve's calls rate real high with me.

Randy McKillip

Dog Tired Adventures
McCook, Nebraska
Phone (308) 345-5210

s a writer for several hunting magazines, I have had the opportunity to try an endless variety of custom turkey calls over the years. Steve's "Pure Death" model is my call of choice when all else fails. Steve's other friction and mouth calls are also of very high quality. They're simple to use, and they all talk turkey!

Ruben Perez

Outdoor Writer/Photographer and Professional Guide
Providence, Rhode Island

don't get a lot of time with a client to put a dead gobbler over his back.

I have seen 400-500 gobblers loose their minds over Steve's calls. There's no doubt they come ready to die at the sounds of these calls.

Steve's beautiful calls always draw attention from our clients. Then they "ooh" and "ahh" over the sound and playing feel. Many have gone home and ordered one for themselves!"

John Coit

Hunting Guide
Paradise Valley Hunting Club
Effingham, South Carolina

Thank You!

I truly thank you for your investment in one of my handmade calls!
I take great time and care in building each and every call.

Please don't forget that the estimated delivery time for your custom call is expected to be between 12 and 18 months from the time of your order.

I have a tremendous backlog of orders and I do the best I can not to get farther behind.

Thank you!

Steve Reeves

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